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Stunning figure painting created by brilliant Iranian painter, Hekmat Rahmani. The painter has created this painting in an eye catching large size that calls any attention. The artist has made use of oil painting material and has dragged brush very fast on the final painting which indicates his talent and skill. The style of the painting is abstract.

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Hekmat Rahmani

He was born in 1986 in the city of Yasuj, Iran.He has been entitled The Best of 16th International Festival of Youth Visual Arts Workshop in Iran.

Portraits worked by Rahmani exhibit "Confused and distorted people in their vague imaginations". Bearing volume of their loneliness, these figures waiting and looking to the future to find their loyal supporters.

Data sheet

Length170 Cm
Width170 Cm
Weight11 Kg
CompositionsOil Painting
ArtistHekmat Rahmani
Creation Date2015

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