Persian woman warrior



Tale telling the epics of Persian women using Acrylics , the artist depicts the beauty of a woman within a raged picture of woman whose eyes show that she truly  fears nothing. 

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Type of Art/Artist

Hengameh Sadri

Born In 1971 Tehran

Field of study: Painting

group Exhibitions in   Iran:

Group exhibition of young painters, Sooreh, 1992

The first exhibition of Iranian-Islamic painting, museum of contemporary art 1993.

Second  exhibition of Iranian-Islamic painting, museum of contemporary art 1995.

Third Exhibition of Iranian-Islamic painting, museum of contemporary art 1996

The fourth exhibition of Iranian-Islamic painting, museum of contemporary art, 1997

 ExpoQuran, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Tehran, 1993

The second shows the expression of feeling Gallery, Niavaran, 1994

Expo flowers and birds, Arasbaran, 1994

Trade painters Expo, Bahman Gallery, 1995

Mirror in the Mirror Art Festival, Bahman Gallery, 1996

Women's art exhibition, the eighth Islamic Summit, 1998

Group exhibiting, Sun Gallery, 1999

Periodical Expo for women, Varamin, Karaj, Damavand and Firouzkouh, 1999-2000

Associations of  painters, home of Iranian arts, 2001-2002

Exhebition in honor of Professor Kamal al-Din Behzad, Saba Art and Cultural Center, 2002

 Painting Exhibition commemorating women Miremad, Sa'd-Abad, Miremad Museum, 2002

Solo Exhibitions:

Exhibition, green house, 1998

Exhibition, Niavaran, 1999

Solo exhibition, Gallery Vali, 2002

Foreign exhibitions :

exhibitions  of Painting Islamic Art, Romania, 1995

International Exhibition of Art, Mexico, 1996

Exhibition flowers and birds, Italy, Venice, 1998

Iranian Art Exhibition, National Art Museum, Indonesia, Jakarta, 2001

Iranian Art Exhibition Center Hariri, Lebanon, Sidon, 2002

Iranian Art Exhibition, UNESCO Center, Lebanon, Beirut, 2002

Iranian Art Exhibition, Artists House, Moscow, Russia, Moscow

Data sheet

Length140 Cm
Width90 Cm
CompositionsAcrylic paintings
ArtistHengameh Sadri

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