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Flower-shaped Enamel plate appropriate to decorate your home. Combination of 3 different colors of white, light blue and deep blue applied on the plate are color combination of original Mina Kari.

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Type of Art/Artist

Enamel (Mina in Persian) is the ancient art of decorating different metals, mostly copper with colorful paintings ad designs. Once the designs are painted on the decorative piece, it is baked in very high temperatures after that the painting is permanent art work on the piece. The evidence of ancient mina work still remains in museums in and outside of Iran which is a sign of a long time interest in mina ever since the Achaemenid and Sasanian Empires.

Small enamel pot whose magnificence and value is manifested in the delicateness applied by artist on it. Colors are chosen meticulously by artists. The blue color inspired by the blueness of the sky is a symbol of peace. Combination of these delicate and fine patterns with gentle colors brings beauty to your homes.

Data sheet

Length20 Cm
Width20 Cm
Height5 Cm
Weight173 gr
Propertiesenamel (mina kaari)

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