Red Block print Tablecloth (kalamkari)


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You might be confused at the first look at this masterpiece reminding you Iranian carpet, but be careful here is another story. This graceful block print tablecloth with rich red center full of a traditional pattern is surrounded by cream motifs and white color beside a magnificent border. Only created for making your table more cheerful and your life much more romantic like Iranian Poems. Bring Persian paradise in your warm home by this wonderful handmade artwork.

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Taught and made for over thousand years in Iranian generations, Calico is the art of block printing on Fabric.

With organic colors and printing blocks made from walnut, pear and hawthorn trees,the professional craftsmen create repeated designs on high quality cotton to design a gorgeous, colorful tablecloth, tablecover, bed coverlet, or pillowcase.

Calico is not just pushing some stamps on some cloth. It is a continuous process in which each design is hand-carved on a separate piece of wood. The next step is to prepare the colors; rose, white alum, turmeric and grape juice are some of the base ingredients used in calico colors. the background color which is usually milky or white, has another special process. Finally, the printing process can begin!

Cotton fabric, is the key to extend life of calico tablecloths. Other than that, the fabric is boiled with pomegranate skin is after the designs are made; this ensures the colors will not fade after wash. A Variety of colors and shapes along with amazing designs has made Calico a fabulous choice for tablecloths and pillowcases.

Care and Wash: Wash alone with 40 degrees Celsius for longer life.

Data sheet

Length100 Cm
Width100 Cm
Weight500 gr

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