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Flower shaped copper plate. Traditional Iranian pattern “flower and night angle (Gol o Bolbol)” delicately carved on copper. A stunning handicraft which is appropriate for hanging on the wall and beautifying your home.

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The art of schrimshaw

The art of scrimshaw has a long history in Iran. The art holds a special place in traditional and spiritual culture of the Iranian. In the art of Schrim shaw gifted and thoughtful artist meticulously reflects the essence of his own beliefs and customs on metals.

History of this art dates back to the first millennium in which this art prospered. Excavation of first millennium includes Hassanlou cup and Marlik cup.

Scrimshaw like other Iranian arts has had its own heyday and decline through history. Achaemenid period can be regarded as the golden age of scrimshaw. Also during the Seljuk era, because of supports of rulers for the art, its prosperity was eye-catching. Since Safavid era is considered golden age of Iranian art and scrimshaw during this era reached zenith of its prosperity, the importance of Safavid era in the history of scrimshaw can’t be ignored. Using different types of metal and elaborating beautiful and delicate patterns on them was characteristics of scrimshaw of the Safavid era.

Because of creation of precious works during this era, this art handed down from one generation to generation and still nowadays scrimshaw masters follow instructions of Safavid era. Scrimshaw can be defined as craving and creating of lines and patterns on the surface of different metals and decorating them. To do so, first the metal is covered with melted pitch so scribe won’t enter the metal.

Then pattern and image is printed on the object, and the artist using printmaking scrimshaw scribes creates the pattern on the metal. The art of Scrimshaw is an elegant, beautiful and appealing art and with diligence of the artist a beautiful and lasting work is created. From scrimshawed tea services that nowadays can be seen in most of Iranian homes, we can see the soul and beauty the art gives to decoration of homes. It also preserves and shows nobility of Iranian families.

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