Filigree Pedestal Plate


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Filigree pedestal plate. Pliable threads of silver are curled and twisted meticulously to create patterns on this stunning pedestal plate. The handmade filigree pedestal plate is appropriate for serving cookies and pastry.

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Archeological excavation indicates that history of filigree in Iran goes back to 330-550 B.C. and Achaemenid Empire. During Sasanid empire metalworkers and artificer meticulously made precious vessels out of gold and silver for upper-middle class. Precious stones were also used to embellish vessels. Professor Arthur Pope in his book “Masterpieces of Persian Art” he refers to excavated filigree which belongs to 12th century B.C.

Filigree in Iran is mainly practiced in Isfahan and Zanjan. Filigree products include: tray, sugar cube bowl, candy dish, glass holder, broche, picture frame,cigarrette tray, pastry plate, candlestick and mirror and jewelries like earing, chain, pendant and ring.

Process of filigree:

Ingots of silver or gold are melted in melting furnace and then poured into a mold to make rods. These rods are inserted into rolling, resulting in fine wires – the basic ingredients of filigree. Silver is one of the most malleable and ductile metals, after gold, and one gram of pure metal can be drawn into a wire more than a kilometer long.

Designs are first drafted on a piece of paper, inspirations for which are derived from traditional Iranian patterns paisley. The wires for outlines are placed on the design sheet and shaped according to the drawing. Hair thin wires are crimped with a machine for a zigzag effect. Using tweezers, the craftsmen carefully solder these fine wires to the outlining frame. There are about ninety types of wire designs of spirals and curls which the craftsmen use to fill in the outlines, like delicate spider webs of silver. Taking care not to break the thin strands of silver, yet curling and twisting them with great precision, craftsmen fill in the outlines, creating delicate gauzy patterns. This process requires extreme precision. The soldered piece is then heated to fuse the joins properly. The object is then polished and sometimes lacquered, for a final finish.

Masters meticulously complete these processes and create stunning vessels out of fine wires. These precious handcrafts are usually made of gold and silver but since they are expensive and most of people can’t afford it, recently they are made of copper wires which are silver or gold plated ,keeping same delicacy and beauty which make a stunning handcraft for decorating and beautifying your home with beauty of art.

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Height16 cm
Weight900 gr
Diameter37.5 cm

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