16'6" x 3'7",Runner rug, Area rug, Vintage wool rug, Hallway Rug, Oriental carpet, Code : S0101559



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This rug is totally traditional and good for custom decoration. Its design is suitable for your space with classic and unique color decoration. Its length is 505 Cm with the width of 110 Cm. It is hand Knotted and made of merino wool. The merino wool used as the base of this valuable vintage is 100% herbal and organic, not to mention being totally free of any chemical component. Walking barefoot on this rug is a sensation you will never forget.

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Type of Art/Artist

Persian rugs have long attracted the attention of art lovers and artists around the world. What makes these rugs so valuable is the quality of wool and color used in producing them, weaving technique and motifs inspired from the mountainous nature of Persian. Vintage Persian rugs were performed by real natural wool from live animal. So by using these rugs, oils produced from these animals is released over time and it gives shine and freshness to the carpet and lengthen the life of rugs. While the rugs are made by dead wool will became dull and rough over time. The colors used in them is obtain from particular plants of that area. That’s why their colors are brilliant and unique and captivate the attention of every viewer. Persian rugs are also known because of their special design that represents simplicity and spirituality of rural life.

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Length505 Cm
Width110 Cm
Weight14.100 Kg

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