6'x12' Overdyed Vintage Persian Area Rug, Antique Persian Rug, Grey Carpet


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f you too have a thing for radiant, vivid colored décor, this one is a must have in your apartment! Just imagine this light grey match with your white sofa, and this gorgeous work of Bakhtiari will steal your heart in a minute! this 80 years old Grey-colored Over-dyed rug will definitely leave any rival far behind!
this beautiful piece of art can be matched to every décor in any color possible.
The lamb wool used as the base of this valuable vintage is 100% herbal and organic, not to mention being totally free of any chemical component.
Due to the weight Shipping would take 7-9 business days.
if you'd rather see this item in a different color, or just want it in any other size between 60-90 Cm to 800-700 Cm, we will do our best to provide you with a customized rug of your liking. Just Contact us and leave a custom order.
Wash and Care: Colors are permanent if washed professionally. Washing at home or by amateurs is not recommended.
Exact size: 6'x12'
Weight: 50lbs

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Type of Art/Artist

he over-dyeing process is carried out on rugs that are either vintage (which in rug terms means produced between the 1920s and 1970s) or antique (anything before then). Depending on the desired look, the aging process may be accelerated using a number of methods. Some rugs are first sheared, to even out the pile and to help to ‘distress’ them. They then undergo a series of processes to neutralize and remove the color. These include a mixture of chemical washes and natural sun bleaching. These processes don’t remove the pattern, but simply reduce it to an outline, creating a foundation ready to be re-imagined. The carpets are then dyed in one color, a stage that can be repeated several times to reach the desired saturation level and hue – and for a more distressed look, a paler color is the aim. The dye can also be targeted at the lighter background shades, to create a multi-tonal rug, or result in a block color throughout. The rugs are then laundered to set the color (which will last for many, many years), before being dried. Most overdyed rugs will display a number of different shades, which brings a certain vitality back to the rug, and is a result of the uneven surfaces, and original pattern.

Data sheet

Length356 Cm
Width180 Cm
Weight16 Kg

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