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The small size of this burgundy colored rug makes it a pretty beneficial decoration item, from dorm wall décor to living room area rug. If you easily get bored from your home décor, this fine rug can come in handy as it can be used in numerous ways. Traditionally used as a praying rug, it is enriched with Turkmen design that is proficiently hand-woven with fine merino wool.


Wash and Care: Colors are permanent if washed professionally. Washing at home or by amateurs is not recommended.

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Type of Art/Artist

The art of Kilim weaving is one of the Iranian handicrafts which has a long-standing history. It is among first arts and crafts of scattered tribes whose history even precedes history of carpet weaving therefore it can be said that carpet is created in the result of Kilim evolution. We have different types of Kilim each having special characteristics in terms of design and color.

Among them we can refer to the Kilims of Shahsvan tribe which are famous for their geometric design and light color. kilim weaving boomed along with fabric weaving with the exception that fiber used in kilim are of greater thickness than fibers used in fabric texture. In dying Kilim fabric natural color is used. Fibers after dying are woven on the loom and create beautiful geometrical patterns. The beautiful kilim which is the creation of artistic hands is precious gift of the artist presented to you. Woven textures are also used in production of bags and shoes.

Data sheet

Length130 Cm
Width80 Cm
Weight3 kg

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