Vintage Handmade Leather Kilim Rug


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Can you imagine how would it feel to sit among a bunch of leather straps? The weaver of this rug has ingeniously used leather straps instead of wool to make an incredible work of art that is not only unique, but is also practical and durable. The simple and noble brown shades are easy to fit with wood floorings and it has the advantage of not getting easily dirty. The innovative weaver of this artwork is not alive any more, which leaves no one else to continue her style.


Wash and Care:

Colors are permanent if washed professionally. Washing at home or by amateurs is not recommended.

More details

Type of Art/Artist

The art of Kilim weaving is among the first arts and crafts of scattered tribes in Iran; With a history that goes far beyond carpet weaving, it can be considered as the origin of carpet weaving in Iran.

Originally used as rugs, Kilims have traditional designs similiar to what you can see on Persian carpets. Fiber used in kilim weaving is of greater thickness comparing to the material used in fabric texture. The lively shades in Kilims come from perfectly natural colors, dyed in the hands of expert weavers. The whole process of making a Kilim is done by hand, and the natural colors add even more to the value of the work.

Nowadays, the artists have found new and creative use for Kilim. They use this Persian handicraft and its lovely designs to create lovely bags, shoes, clothes and even jewelry.

Data sheet

Length150 Cm
Width100 Cm
Weight8 kg

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