8'8" x 4'2".Overdyed Rugs, Organic Colors , Hand knotted, Area rug, Vintage wool rug, Light Color, Code : S0101410



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In recent years, a new trend emerged in the rug industry in which vintage and antique rugs are Over dying is a technique that traditionally performed on vintage handwoven wool rugs, by which the original color is removed undergo a gentle dyeing process and then a single vibrant color is added, insofar as the initial patterns don’t fade, Over dying allows us to save beautiful antique rugs that may be worn And restore them to a new found glory!.


This is a vintage over-dyed rug. Worn pile over much of the surface that give an antique look to it.

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Type of Art/Artist

Bakhtiari is the name of a tribe in Persia that is most famous for the high-quality rugs woven in that area. Bakhtiari rugs and carpets are known for their unique designs and colors because they’re one of the few types of Persian rugs that include nomadic tribal as well as urban Persian rug design. That is why you can see combination of floral patterns and geometric patterns in these rugs. The wool quality and rich color of the Bakhtiari rug is also notable. The principal colors include many shades of white and ivory, as well as various reds, browns, greens, and yellows. 

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Length265 Cm
Width129 Cm
Weight7.500 Kg

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