Ocean Blue Persian Vintage Patchwork Rug


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This Vigorous, cheerful creation of the Nomad might be the only thing your Room lacks; it is a by-product of the joyous life in the tribes. 90 years of mountain and vale, sky and stars is knotted through this lively artwork.

This rug is a collage of vintage Persian rugs aged 40-90 years. It is made to order , meaning after we receive confirmation of purchase from etsy we start making one to the required size.
we put together patches of those vintage rugs based on aesthetic appeal and stitch them . then the patchwork goes under detailing , dying and finally it gets professorially washed before being ready to ship. this processes usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on the size of the order.

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Type of Art/Artist

Evidence of patchwork—piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece and quilting layers of textile fabrics together—has been found throughout history. The earliest examples have been located in Egyptian tombs and also in early age of China about 5000 years ago. Further finds have been dated from the early Middle Ages, where layers of quilted fabric were used in the construction of armor—this kept the soldiers warm and protected. Japanese armor was made in a similar fashion

Using this technique, quilts began to appear in households of the 11th to 13th centuries As the European climate became colder around this time, the incidence of the use of bed quilts rose, and so developed the practice of embellishing a simple cloth through the creation of pattern and design, alongside the development of decorative quilting. The tradition of making quilts in this fashion was taken to America by the Pilgrims.

Data sheet

Length100 Cm
Width150 Cm
Weight5 Kg

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