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Would you like to invite combination of modesty and complication in a fabulous household item?

Don't hesitate, it can be found in this well-made artwork patchwork kilim from the leader of the most well- known hand-woven land, Iran. This is an excellent example with a detailed pattern on a rich gray background. With high quality, this genuine patchwork is designed with the best geometrical pattern beside warm and cold colors. 

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Type of Art/Artist

From old ancient Persia until today’s modern world, patchworks have been a part of Persian culture. In cold breezing winter nights, sewing patchwork quilts from old cloth pieces has been a favorite hobby of grandmas. About 15 years ago, one of the international clothing companies reestablished production of the patchwork rugs, So that a second life is breathed to the aged carpets. Patchworks have now become popular as a home décor and furnishing item, as well as an antique collectable.

Patchwork is the art of assembling old or new carpet or Kilim pieces together, so that a new creation comes to life. With a mélange of different textures, a whole new pattern is refashioned.

Carpets and Kilim used in Rizolux patchworks are Persian wool handmade carpets and Kilim. Afterward the different textures are put in place and attentively hand-woven to form a glamorous new style. All parts are similar in color, this is why the whole assembly is in perfect harmony of colors and shades.

Like every antique, the experts have to decide how old a carpet really is. In the case of patchworks, age of the each piece is figured out and then an average of all pieces is calculated to show the age of the carpet.

Data sheet

Length205 Cm
Width145 Cm
Weight5.945 kg

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