Vintage Illiati Patchwork Runner Rug


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This lovely patchwork might just be missing piece of your home décor! Not only its carefully matched colors bring joy to your heart, but its brown theme will look splendid on your wood or laminate flooring! Patched from high quality Persian carpets, this runner rug can be a money-saver in the long run. Walk on its old, nomadic designs, and hear the stories of generations of women woven hard in its warp and woof. You will feel proud when your guests admire such a valuable vintage, owned by you.

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Type of Art/Artist

From old ancient Persia until today’s modern world, patchworks have been a part of Persian culture. In cold breezing winter nights, sewing patchwork quilts from old cloth pieces has been a favorite hobby of grandmas. About 15 years ago, one of the international clothing companies reestablished production of the patchwork rugs, So that a second life is breathed to the aged carpets. Patchworks have now become popular as a home décor and furnishing item, as well as an antique collectable.

Patchwork is the art of assembling old carpet pieces together, so that a new creation comes to life. With a mélange of different textures, a whole new pattern is refashioned.

Carpets used in Rizolux patchworks are Persian wool handmade carpets. These pieces are thoughtfully chosen from already worn carpets, and if they are torn, they will be carefully mended first. Afterward the different textures are put in place and attentively hand-woven to form a glamorous new style. All parts are similar in color, this is why the whole assembly is in perfect harmony of colors and shades.

Like every antique, the experts have to decide how old a carpet really is. In the case of patchworks, age of the each piece is figured out and then an average of all pieces is calculated to show the age of the carpet.

Data sheet

Length265 Cm
Width83 Cm
Weight10 kg

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