10'1" x 4'2".Modern design rug Floor Kilim Rug, Persian Kilim, Vintage wool Kilim rug, Multi Color, Code : S0101483



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Tribal rugs or other carpets hand-knitted in Persia’s village tend to be more geometric than floral in design. By using geometric patterns and broken lines, design became simple, yet gorgeous shapes are created. All over rhombic pattern, diamond-like medallion covered in serrated leaves and traditional 'tree of life' motifs makes these rugs a highly decorative piece.

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Kilim is a Turkish word that refers to flat-woven rugs. The difference between rugs and kilim is that kilim is made by interweaving the variously colored wefts and warps. Kilims are woven with a special technique in which the warps are more widely spread, and the wefts are packed densely to completely cover the warp threads. . Like pile rugs, kilims have been produced since ancient times. But due to they don’t have pile to protect warps and wefts, they are not as durable as pile rugs so just few of vintage kilim  have remained. That is why they are so valuable.   

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Length309 Cm
Width129 Cm
Weight7 Kg

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