Brass Handmade Pomegranate Set



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Sour, juicy and dark red, this dark pomegranate set is a delicious reminder of the fall! If you adore cute handmade jewelries, then this set is just the right one for you! Add this unique array of pomegranates to your jewelry collection and enjoy trying its gold and agate colors on with almost any clothes in your wardrobe!

This jewelry set can be customized with silver, bronze or brass depending on your order.

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Type of Art/Artist

Born in 1983, Farnaz Mohammadzadeh has graduated in handicrafts with a focus on jewelry making. Over the last ten years, she has professionally followed her thirst to learn and create. She designs her jewelries herself and brings them to life with high quality semi-precious stones and materials such as gold, silver, brass and copper. Mohammadzadeh is inspired by nature as well as traditional Persian motifs. She hopes to create innovative works of art by melding her inspirations with modern designs.

Data sheet

LengthPomegranate 1.7 Cm
WidthPomegranate 1.7 Cm
WeightNecklaces 15 gr Earrings 16 gr Bracelet 14 gr Ring 9 gr

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