Silver Semi-Precious Turquoise Ring



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If you have a thing for precious stones, this ring might be just what you need.  Excavated from mines of Neyshabur, this gorgeous belonging of the mother Earth can now sit on your hand, make you admire the beauty of its smoothly polished surface. This semi-precious turquoise is accompanied with a silver ring which will make wearing it more comfortable, as it is allergy-free for most people.

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Type of Art/Artist

Turquoise inlay is a new handcraft which is very common in Isfahan. In the process of inlaying turquoise the given container is heated and during heating nut lacquer is sprayed on the parts on which turquoises are supposed to be laid .Then sand paper is used to polish and varnish lacquer coated parts. In the last stage, turquoise-inlaid-parts are polished using olive or sesame oil to make it glossy. Awesome creativity and talent of Iranian artists who created these turquoise inlaid works is highly appreciated by visitors of famous international museums.

Data sheet

Length1.9 Cm
Width1.5 Cm
Weight10 gr

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