Silver Star Earrings



Let the starry night bring a present to your love and make her wishes come true. This shiny pair of earrings will let her show her girly side and bring out the sassy woman inside her. With quality silver material, these earrings will protect most wearers from annoying allergic reactions. 

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Type of Art/Artist

Precious Iranian jewelries which array most of museums and collections of famous collectors indicate extraordinary skills of Iranian artists in creating decorative objects and valuable jewelries through history.

As excavations of ancient times show, history of this art goes back to those times. In the Achaemenid period economic prosperity and development resulted in creation of precious art works. Stepping into the 20th century, jewelry industry of Iran entered a new era. Iranian gold and jewelry has a long and proud history indicating creativity of Iranian artists in creation of unique works that managed to attract people all over the world.

Data sheet

Length1.3 Cm
Width1.3 Cm
Weight2 gr

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