Enameled (Minakari) Seashell Earrings and Necklace Set



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This innovative design is a special set of simple lines, enameled carefully on delicate flat seashells. The chic combination of black and yellow colors makes it easy to match with casual girly outfits. Not too sparkly and not too bright, this flower shaped Minakari set is a perfect choice if you like your jewelry simple but unique and classy.

This collection can vary in color according to your preference.

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Type of Art/Artist

Enamel (MinaKari) is the ancient art of decorating different metals, mostly copper, with colorful paintings and designs. In Esfahan enamel works, the decorative piece is first glazed in kiln with pure white glaze. Afterwards, colors are applied on the white surface. MinaKari colors are actually consisted from powdered oxides of various metals plus resin. Persian enamellists don’t use any white color. Instead, they subtly clear lines of color to let the base white glaze show off. The carefully painted object will later be baked in temperature high enough to melt the powders, so that the painting sits permanently on copper in a smooth, glossy way. Enamel work is widely done on various decorative pieces as well as different kinds of jewelry.

Data sheet

LengthEarring 2.7 Cm, Necklace 3 Cm
WidthEarring 2.7 Cm, Necklace 3 Cm
WeightEarring 4 gr, Necklace 9 gr
CompositionsEnamel (Minakari)

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