Knitted Dark Blue Handbag



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Unique products are for unique people. You will look trendy with this gorgeous hand knitted handbag made of the best yarns. Matching dark blue color and especial pattern keep eyes on your outfit. Its round shape is perfect for toting all of your daily essential features. While it is so stylish and fashionable, it has plenty of space in the main compartment and many spaces for smaller items.This knitted handmade can be available in all various bright colors that you desire.

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Type of Art/Artist

Born in 1972, Akram Abufazeli learned knitting from his father At 9 years old. In adolescence, she went after learning sewing, embroidery and doll making to follow her passion in art. As soon as she turned 20, she adopted her passion as a career in her life path. Right now she runs a private knitting institution, not to mention publishing various books in the same field.

Data sheet

Length50 Cm
Width25 Cm
Height50 Cm
Weight1.300 gr

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