Red Hand-Knitted Shoulder Bag



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A stylish, gorgeous handbag similar to what best fashion models carry around, this lovely knit work hangs at the hip and makes your girly style look even cuter than what you intended! Delicately knitted by a tasteful and skilled expert, this handiwork is not only comfortable, but also a durable work of hand. 

This knitted handbag can be available in various bright colors of your choice.

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Type of Art/Artist

Born in 1972, Akram Abufazeli learned knitting from his father At 9 years old. In adolescence, she went after learning sewing, embroidery and doll making to follow her passion in art. As soon as she turned 20, she adopted her passion as a career in her life path. Right now she runs a private knitting institution, not to mention publishing various books in the same field.

Data sheet

Length33 Cm
Width16 Cm
Height24 Cm
Weight470 gr
ArtistAkram Abufazeli

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