Brocade and Leather Handbag



A first choice for many women, leather bags are the perfect addition to one’s looks. If you care for fashion you might love this adorable handbag! Matched with gorgeous paisley design on brocade, this handbag is a special-made for the creative inside you! 

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Type of Art/Artist

From the ancient days, man knew how animal skin can be useful for making clothes, but it took decades till they learned how to care for it, tan it and change it to a resistant material named leather. Since then, leather has always maintained its place as a rather flexible cloth making base. As it is water resistant and cold proof, leather is a great choice for everyday wear such as shoes, boots and bags. Nowadays a variety of other products are also made from leather; be it key chain, platter mat, jackets, belts, etc.

Rizolux products are made from high quality leather and are 100% handmade, designed and sewn in the hands of the professionals.

Data sheet

Length30 cm
Width14 cm
Height24 cm
Weight551 gr
TechniqueLeather Crafting

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