Jajim Women Shoes



These delicate women's Jajim shoes are a masterpiece of Iranian artist.The Scarlet  color fits nicely with casual outfits. These shoes are all handmade in the hands of pro artists. you can makerfiends and family happy by giving them a pair of Jajim shoes as Iranian original crafting art.

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Type of Art/Artist

An old and historic handicraft of Iran, Jajim is a thick woolen fabric woven from narrow strips.

Jajims are often woven in strips of 25-30 Cm width, and have an about 50 Cm length. These strips are then sewn together to form a large standard fabric.

All the raw materials needed for crafting Jajim are of natural resources.  up to 8 Colors are used in Jajim clothes, most of them along with lovely designs, from traditional flowers to geometric patterns of strips or stars. The main material used in Jajimbafi is the spun spun wool in the warp and woof. These yarns are spun by hand most of the time, although sometimes they are provided from spinning mills.

Jajims are useful as mats, carpet and counterpanes. Nomads also take advantage of Jajim for packaging, travel essentials or equipment, and sometimes use jajim as a warm cloak.

Data sheet

Length23.5 Cm
Width9 Cm
Height8.5 Cm
Weight372 gr
TechniqueJajim Bafi
StylesFor Women

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