Handmade Giveh Shoes for Men



This really cool Pair of Gives is suitable for men especially in hot seasons. Nothing is better than a pair of completely handmade shoes like this which keep your feet fresh and make you feel Persian touch.

It is also an ideal gift for men in parties, anniversaries, new-years, and other remarkable occasions.

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Type of Art/Artist

Giveh is a traditional footwear that used to be quite popular among Iranians of the past century. It's usually made from carpet yarn, leather and other raw materials. Giveh was originally intended to wear by men, but nowadays they are available for women too.

It takes several steps to make a pair of these arty shoes, and there are different people responsible for each step. Making the shoe vamp is on women, who sew the parts together with large needles. Then comes the duty for men: They craft the sole in their workshops and after everything is ready, the parts are assembled together to create the final product. If necessary, Giveh makers coat the welt and framing with glue in order to prevent the penetration of water. Ajideh Giveh is the best quality Giveh there is; as it's hardly woven strings make it quite durable.

Iran is mostly a warm country, and therefore Giveh is aimed to let the air circulate from its tiny pores. It prevents feet from getting sweaty and keeps them cool in hot summer days.

Giveh shoes traditionally come in white colors, but nowadays you can also find them in red, blue, orange, and black.

Data sheet

Length27 Cm
Width10.5 Cm
Height12 Cm
Weight368 gr
TechniqueGive Duzi
StylesFor Men

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