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Handmade trifold leather wallet with magnetic closure which is a combination of handcrafts including leather crafting and woodcarving and the artist using needle has meticulously engraved an image of Layla and Majnun ,inspired by Persian miniature in the inner side opposite to woodcarving . The purse is made of natural goat leather and embellished with sliced palm kernel.

Pieces of Platanus, walnut, bitter orange and jujube wood are used to embellish the surfaces of the product.

This stunning all handmade leather purse features all the space you need to hold your essentials. It also makes an exceptional gift for a friend or loved one to commemorate a special occasion.

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Type of Art/Artist

Iranian with three hundred -year history is pioneer in production of leather. Archeological discoveries from B.C. shows that about 1500 years back Iranian have used hide to produce clothes, shoes and armaments.

Lexicalization of tools used in leather crafting in ancient languages of Iran indicates the vast use of leather in Iran before entrance of Islam. Based on historical documents Darius’s commands were written on leather and also it is said that Avesta, holy book of Zoroastrianism (religion of Iranian before the entrance of Islam) were written on 12000 pieces of cow skin.

The first leather factory of Iran was established in 1931/32 (1310 Iranian calendar) in Tabriz, then other factories were established in Tehran, Isfahan, Hamadan and some other cities. Blooming of leather factories established in Iran was so fast that by the end of 1958 there were 22 leather factories in Iran.

Tips to distinguish natural leather from artificial one:

Put the palm of your hand on the surface of the leather for approximately ten seconds. Natural leather will heat up and will give back a pleasant warn sensation back to your palm, whereas artificial leather skin will humidify your palm; it will not transfer heat and may create moisture under your hand.

If you closely look at the edges of natural leather, you will see that it is more rounded, whereas artificial material is more flat, because natural leather is generally more thick than artificial Natural leather is more flexible than artificial.

Press hard on the leather product with two fingers and then release. You should observe a few small indentations which will straighten and disappear in a few seconds. This is a sign of natural leather since it is more elastic than faux leather.

You can also try to determine the material of the product using the “Smell Test”. Generally, you can easily determine the difference between leather material and fake by just smelling it. Leather has a very distinctive smell. However, be aware that modern technology has developed a formula of chemical that is used to cover the top layer of certain shoes in order to create a Leather-Like smell, so such a test occasionally could be deceptive.

Different techniques can be applied on the Leather because of its distinguished features, including:


Weaving and sewing

Engraving and scrimshaw

Pyrography on leather

Painting on leather

Embroidery on leather

Batik on leather

Engraving and scrimshaw on leather:

In the ancient times, before invention of paper, leather was used to be written on. A clear example is writing of Quranic verses on leather because of its durability. Scrimshaw on the leather is one of the oldest branches of handicraft which nowadays is not practiced anymore.

Painting on leather

The beginning of this art was early in Qajarian era. In the first step of this process interior surface of the work is covered by special oil then the pattern is printed on the work. Colors used in drawing patterns are usually gouache and acrylic and since they are water soluble they are coated with oil to prevent them from being solved and to make them more transparent. The process of oil coating is done in different steps and in each step a thin layer of oil is applied to all surfaces using a soft brush.

Data sheet

Length20 cm
Width11 cm
CompositionsNatural leather and wood

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