Long history of Persian painting in Iran represents the pinnacle of delicacy of visual arts of the painters of Persian land. Paintings inspired by ancient and oral stories of love,war and separations and reflect history,culture and beauty of the people of the Persian land.

In Rizolux you can find beautiful paintings with various painting styles and historical themes, decorated in inlaid picture frames. You can also order your own photo and our masters will narrate a new story of your photo.

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  • The painting depicts a fox chasing a gazelle and a linon is chasing the fox.All struggling for saving their life.The artist has made use of acrylic and gauche  in creating this stunning painting

  • The artist has made use of acrylic, gauche and poster in creating this stunning painting.The painting portrays the angle of dawn in blue in a floral atomsphere accompaning with goat and beautiful birds,depicting freedom and peace.

  • The painting portrays a woman with angle wings deeply thiking,maybe of future or beyond existance.the painting is created following Persian miniature painting and the woman inspired by traditional goddess of Iran.

  • The painting portrays an Iranian woman holding a wine pitcher in an imaginary paradise feeling free and happy.

  • In creating this painting the artis has made use of combination of materials including acrylic, gauche and poster.inspired by Persian miniature style the painting portrays a free woman in blue and a bird beside her in the painting as a symbol of freedom.

  • The painting portrays narcissism. Silver layers are applied on Eslimi patterns which are symbol of mirror.

  • Saeid Bakhtiyari Since his childhood  was interested in painting and after finishing his apprenticeship to painting master, Mahdi Alizadeh, specialized in oil painting. In addition to painting he practices book cover design, calligraphy, interior design and wood carving

  • This painting shows impeccability and difficulty of life of children of tribes.

Showing 17 - 28 of 28 items