Accessories are the best friends; they are always with us in every moment of everyday life. Here you can check out all kinds of them: Handbags, Backpacks, wallets, purses, shoes and slippers. There are also jewelry boxes, pencil holders and clocks. And to make it even better, they are all handmade with Persian khatamkari work, kilim or quality leather!

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  • Looking for a pair of special shoes that make you feel fresh and classy? You are in the best place! These gorgeous red hand woven Giveh shoes that are made in the masterful hands of Persian weavers fulfill your dream. You can enjoy these lovely red pair footwear while giving a rest to your foot! Using girly and energetic color on surfaces and leather...

  • Unique products are for unique people. You will look trendy with this gorgeous hand knitted handbag made of the best yarns. Matching dark blue color and especial pattern keep eyes on your outfit. Its round shape is perfect for toting all of your daily essential features. While it is so stylish and fashionable, it has plenty of space in the main...

  • Take this fashionable knitting handmade handbag and create a unique feminine feeling in your winter day. Be the envy of all your friends with this adorable, buttoned handbag! With dark purple a cuddly cotton you might have on hand at your cottage to take the chill off a summer evening as you sit by the fire. This purple tote is hand-knit in soft,...

  • Feel the softness of cowhide leather on your hand, and show off with lovely roses featured on this wallet. With enough space for various credit cards and pictures, it can be a long-lasting companion to shopping days and mall trips. Every single bit of this product is a work of hand, and its pockets and spaces can be customizable according to your likes. 

  • With every inch hand-sewn and cut in the hands of professional artists, this wallet is an original cowhide leather work of art. Keep your change, Put your loved one’s picture in or hold up to 6 credit cards neatly organized. With only a simple tulip hand-sewn on it, this lovely wallet will bring colors to your life and smiles to your lips.

  • A stylish, gorgeous handbag similar to what best fashion models carry around, this lovely knit work hangs at the hip and makes your girly style look even cuter than what you intended! Delicately knitted by a tasteful and skilled expert, this handiwork is not only comfortable, but also a durable work of hand.  This knitted handbag can be available in...

  • It happens once in a blue moon when you see something that is cute, casual, feminine and sassy all at the same time! This quality hand bag is just the perfect match to your knitted winter sweaters and gloves! Not only it feels as warm and cozy as sitting beside the fire in a breezy winter night, but its white and grey colors look adorable under the...

  • These beautiful roses are hand sewn to add a colorful look to your traditional leather bag. With a shoulder bag such as this one, you can be sure to have the perfect casual office look. Be it work or a girls’ night out, this 100% cowhide leather work can be your choice to fit with many of your clothes.

  • A first choice for many women, leather bags are the perfect addition to one’s looks. If you care for fashion you might love this adorable handbag! Matched with gorgeous paisley design on brocade, this handbag is a special-made for the creative inside you! 

  • Hand-woven with art and love, these Giveh slippers are comfy footwear you can enjoy at home. Feel classy in this lovely pair while giving a rest to your foot! Experience a different and unique style, and add middle-eastern tradition to your wardrobe!

  • Made with 100% cowhide leather, this quality bag can make your day with its bright color and lovely paisley cuts. Every part of this gorgeous bag is hand sewn and every detail in design is cut by hand, making it a good choice for casual and formal wear. 

  • The joyful colors on this kilim fits any clothes and brightens up your look. The back of this handmade bag is from Jajim and the front is a lovely work of Kilim. This handicraft is suitable for everyday life, and it can be a lovely gift for a dear friend.

  • Designed with meticulous hand work, this beautiful Kilim handbag is decorated with silk stitching in front. It's suitable for either men or women, and is perfect for day to day activities. 

  • These delicate women's Jajim shoes are a masterpiece of Iranian artist.The Scarlet  color fits nicely with casual outfits. These shoes are all handmade in the hands of pro artists. you can makerfiends and family happy by giving them a pair of Jajim shoes as Iranian original crafting art.

  • Jewelry box like this can hold and keep different size of jewelries. It is carved and painted by hand accurately and has a miniature blue style which make your collection exceptional and full of art. Artist has tried to create a scene of ancient battle field filled with cavalries and privates to save treasuries for their queen. 

  • This really cool Pair of Gives is suitable for men especially in hot seasons. Nothing is better than a pair of completely handmade shoes like this which keep your feet fresh and make you feel Persian touch. It is also an ideal gift for men in parties, anniversaries, new-years, and other remarkable occasions.

Showing 1 - 16 of 34 items