Precious Iranian jewelries which array most of museums and collections of famous collectors indicates extraordinary skills of Iranian artists in creating decorative objects and valuable jewelries through history.

Looking for special, beautiful and artistic jewelries? You came to a right place. Precious stones are thoughtfully chosen which are in a harmony with chosen metal. These precious stones are meticulously set on the chosen metal by designers.

Among Jewelries of Rizolux you can find jewelries with different artistic styles, turquoise inlaid necklace, ring and plaque necklace with beautiful turquoise stone laid meticulously on them. You can also find jewelries made of different metals,scrimshawed by skilled masters.

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  • Steel and painted resin earrings and pendant set with hook style earrings and pendant on chain. A turquoise blue set with flower patterns painted on it which goes very well on blue clothes.

  • A beautiful necklace with red and light red stones crafted on brass chain, adding a touch of color to even the simplest look.

  • Brass bracelet with 3 round beads of tiger’s eye gemstone. In addition to all benefits of this stone which is a very protective stone and has a powerful, dynamic energy with a watchful quality to it Tiger’s eye bracelet is a beautiful fashion jewelry .It is also the birthstone of Gemini from the spiritual point of view and can be precious gift for a...

  • Beautiful earrings made with brass and shell. These beautiful Hook Style earrings add a touch of color to even the simplest look. Because of its light pink and moccasin color it goes on clothes of light color.

  • Gemstone silver ring arrayed with a Blue Sapphire creats thism simple and stunning ring.

  • Lozenge shaped necklace.This beautiful deep blue silver wrapped necklace is a unique one, a precious necklace for your sweetheart

  • a beautiful stone necklace and bracelet set.combination of two beautiful colors blue and red ass beauty to even the simplest look.

  • If you are a fan of jewlery stones you are well familliar with all benefits of turquise.In addition to all these benefits you can enjoy beauty of this delecate pendent on your neck.Also a precious gift for your firends and loved one.It will look beautiful on her neck, wont it?

  • Adjustable brass ring with two fishes carved on it making a heart shape in the middle.Being adjustable you can wear it on any fingers of your hand.

Showing 33 - 41 of 41 items