Precious Iranian jewelries which array most of museums and collections of famous collectors indicates extraordinary skills of Iranian artists in creating decorative objects and valuable jewelries through history.

Looking for special, beautiful and artistic jewelries? You came to a right place. Precious stones are thoughtfully chosen which are in a harmony with chosen metal. These precious stones are meticulously set on the chosen metal by designers.

Among Jewelries of Rizolux you can find jewelries with different artistic styles, turquoise inlaid necklace, ring and plaque necklace with beautiful turquoise stone laid meticulously on them. You can also find jewelries made of different metals,scrimshawed by skilled masters.

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  • A simple yet classy work of hand, this silver bracelet contains original turquoise, mined from Neyshabur, the most important turquoise source in Iran. If you’ve been looking for a special gift for a choosy friend, this cute bracelet might be your best choice, as this is the kind of design that most women have a fondness for! With neatly-made cute...

  • Camera locket pendant from "travel, continuity of being" collection This beautiful camera locket pendant is crafted in 925 sterling silver. The artist has meticulously created this stunning locket which has space for placing 2 photos. The locket is embellished with semi-precious stones including turquoise, green and red agate. Handmade locket is a...

  • Let this cute star fit beautifully on your chest, and shine through the party nights! This simple and elegant pendant will bring your inner beauty outside. With its silver material, it will free you from the worries of nickel allergies!

  • This beautiful ring is crafted in 925 sterling silver and would be a perfect gift for your loved one. Head of the ring is a circle embellished with Persian typography. Typography reads as "the world is my home".

  • "Travel" from “Travel, continuity of being…” collection Stunning compass pendant made of 925 sterling silver with silver clasp. With cryptic words on the background and the word “travel” written in Persian on top, This beautiful handmade pendant is the best gift to any friend who just loves to camp and travel. Besides, it goes very well on outfits of...

  • Imagine yourself walking among the red and yellow leaves in fall. That’s how you’d feel with this pendant on your neck! Let your loved ones feel unique with a ravishing necklace such as this one, and present them with the perfect gift proper to the season they were born in!

  • Imagine a tiny flower like this, sitting gorgeously on your neck! Simple yet exotic, this lovely pendant is made of turquoise stones, matched perfectly to shape a beautiful necklace. Let it bring joy and love to you, make you feel good about yourself, and make its long journey from mines of Neyshabur worthwhile!

  • Handmade wood bracelet. Cord is made of goat leather and bead is combination of wood and precious stone. Bead, located in the center of cord is a symmetrical geometrical pattern made of jujube and bitter orange wood with a blue turquoise stone inlaid in the center

  • A beautiful handmade wood ring.Checkered head of the ring is made of two kinds of woods, jujube and bitter orange in crafting this stunning wood ring. The shank is made of walnut wood. The wood is protected and nourished with natural polishing wax and Does not contain silicones and aggressive for the environment agents. Enjoy beauty of this light and...

  • Blue earring-pendant set-Brass wire wrapped –Pendant on cotton and dangle earrings.

  • Silver gemstone ring with a light violet Amethyst.

  • A beautiful turquoise-brass bracelet which goes very well on clothes of the same color .Turquoise is crafted on brass with 2 cotton black and blue strips and brass lock.

  • Triangle shape swirl wire Earring-Pendant Set crafted in Brass.The set is stylish and chic with a classy touch.

  • Tassel bracelet made of tiger's eye blue and green swirl beads and black beads.

  • Brass and stone earring and bracelet set. Dangle earrings and bracelet on string and chain. Round beads of red stone on brass. These beautiful set adds a touch of color to even the simplest look.

  • Trapezoid shape earring and pendant set. Hook-style earrings and pendant on lace and four cotton strings

Showing 17 - 32 of 41 items