Beautiful decorative objects reflecting the art of the Persian land, plates with delicate blue patterns, bowls in cheerful colors, beautiful glasses, eye-catching wooden sculptures, goblets in beautiful patterns,… .

In Rizolux collection you can find various decorative objects embellished with ancient arts of the land of Persia including inlay, enameling, pottery, wood carvings and stained glass.

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  • Flower shaped enamel plate with blue brim. Dominant color of the plate is white but patterns designed on the background is combination of blue and red, reliefs on the plate add even more beauty to the plate. A stunning plate for decorating your home.

  • In creating these precious handicraft, teapot with 2 cups, enamel is meticulously applied on earthenware and resulted in these colorful tea set. Symmetrical Eslimi patterns drawn on the set is colored in different colors with dominant color of the set deep and light blue.

  • A stunning stone carving reminding you of glorious history of Iran. The sculptor has carved portray of Achaemenid soldier on a piece of limestone and created a stunning tableaue.

  • A miniature tableau framed in Khatam inspired by Iranian myths.The painting tells the tale of lovers playing 3tar (Iranian music instrument).A precious tableaue which is combination of two crafts miniature and Khatam.

  • A pedestal bowl made of biolithite, A carbonate rock. The sculptor has carved deers on the brim of the bowl and tear like shapes are carved on the pedestal and created this stunning pedestal bowl which can be used both for serving fruit to your precious guests and as a home decorative can be kept in showcase.

  • The artist has carved famous winged lion cup from the Achaemenian period on biolithite, a carbonate rock. Stunning tableau carved in stone, a reminder of glorious history of Persia.

  • A very Stunning enamel plate which can be used for serving fruit, pastry or as wall decorative. Parsley patterns delicately drawn on dominant colors of blue and green. Patterns are colored using combination of delicate colors. Tiny flowers and parsley patterns are relived on the plate and make it even more beautiful.

  • Tear shaped enamel vase with flower shape mouth.Scroll patterns are drawn in dark blue on blue background. A stunning handcraft enamel vase for beautifying your home.

  • Stunning pedestal candy dish. A floral candy dish with dome lid which can be used as a decorative in your show case or used as a candy dish and nut bowl. In creating this beautiful candy dish colorful flowers are meticulously drawn on earthen and the result is this pretty pedestal candy dish with blue background which is original color of enamel in the...

  • Pedestal enamel fruit bowl with flower shaped bowl.Delicate patterns including scroll and tiny flowers are delicately drawn on it.Combination of light blue,dark blue, white and red creat this precious handcraft.A stunning fruit bowl for serving to your precious guests nd decorating your home.

  • Pedestal plate made of biolithite.The sculptor has carved hunting scene of Shapur II the Great, the tenth king of the Sasanian Empire with twelve lionheads on each dentate of the plate. This image is a replica of a historical plate.

  • Persian miniature in Khatam frame. The painting is inspired by traditional Persian traditional patterns. Combination of two art , painting and Khatam, in one tableau for beautifying your home.

  • A beautiful handmade colorful pitcher. Dominant color of the pitcher is turquoise blue and green and tiny flowers are meticulously drawn on this background in Persian Eslimi patterns. Technique used in crafting this beautiful pitcher is enamel or Persian Mina kari on earthen pitcher. Beautify your home and enjoy drinking chilly water.

  • Khatam Kari sugar bowl with dome lid. Khatam pieces meticulously inlaid on copper and dominant beige color result in this beautiful sugar bowl appropriate for serving and decorating your Home.

  • Persian miniature in Khatam frame. The painting is inspired by traditional Persian love stories. Combination of two art , painting and Khatam, in one tableau for beautifying your home.

  • Pedestal khatam candy dish with dome lid.Peices are delicately inlaid on the body and created beautiful geometrical pattern.A precious handcraft for serving chocolate and decorating your home.

Showing 33 - 48 of 129 items