Vegan Recipe: Ghormeh Sabzi, the Iranian Dish

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If you are a Paul McCartney fan, if you’re a vegan McCartney fan, or you’re a vegan who is familiar with veganish hashtags, then you probably know about Meat Free Mondays.

If you don’t belong to any of those groups, I’m gonna explain you what it’s all about. Although I really shouldn’t because you really have to be punished if you don’t like the Beatles! Paul (I’m a fan, I can call his first name) started this campaign, so that if you can’t/don’t want to omit meat from your whole life, at least you can omit it from one day of it. He himself cooks a vegan recipe each Monday and shares the pictures on his Facebook (you should totally check them out, he’s got a fancy kitchen!)

So…as today is also a Monday, I am here to teach you a vegan recipe! This is a traditional Persian dish. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the dish EVERY Iranian guy loves shamelessly, and that is a favorite of many girls: Ghormeh Sabzi! And no, it’s not that hard to pronounce once you know that “Ghormeh” means pot roast beef and “Sabzi” means veggies. As today we want to see what it’s like to be a vegetarian, I have found you a variation of the recipe from here, but I’m gonna make some changes in it. This vegan recipe replaces meat with mushrooms. And in a weird way, it tastes the same as the one with meat!


Normally, Ghormeh Sabzi is served with rice. So I’ve also included a little guide for that at the end. It’s better if you prepare both rice and Ghormeh Sabzi at the same time, so that you can serve the whole thing hot and fresh off the stove.

Let’s get goin’!

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