Rizoblog, Mission and Schedule

Modernity vs. Tradition

All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober ‎senses, his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.‎
– Karl Marx

What’s Our Story?‎

It was 3 months ago when I received a job offer from an online market ‎specialized for Persian arts and crafts, handmade home accessories and ‎Iranian artworks. Six months even before that, a carpet company asked ‎me to help with their website design and social networking, and that ‎was the first of many times I thought of ideas to introduce Persian arts ‎and crafts to the rest of the world; Something that filled me thrill and ‎excitement. Now that a way had opened to do something real about ‎everything I imagined all this time, I was in. I accepted the offer.‎

To reach our goal, there were and still are many challenges to face. But ‎why do we care so much to take it all in and face them? Why is it so ‎important for us to get the world to know Persian arts and crafts? In ‎fact, not even two members of our team will give the same answer. ‎Each of us are interested to working in this field for a completely ‎different reason, and based on that, each of us has a different idea on ‎how to make progress toward our goals.‎
Some of us want to redesign and modernize the handicrafts; some ‎rather preserve the tradition but fit it in the modern lives. But what ‎keeps us all together is the value we give to art, the love we have for the handmade vs. machine made and the respect we believe the craftsmen ‎and artists deserve.‎

Who Are We?‎

Rizo is a trading company for Persian arts and crafts. Various teams ‎work on Rizo, each concentrated on a different field. We have already ‎introduced Rizo on our website, so maybe it would be better if we ‎answered another question: Who are the social networking and ‎blogging admins?‎

Navid Kakoli

My name is Navid Kakoli, and my specialty in Rizo is marketing ‎strategy. As my field is somehow related to all the other fields, I try to ‎be in touch with all the teams. In the case of content production, I ‎analyze the statistics, SEO, and develop the content production ‎calendar.


Fatemeh Azimi

Our main blogger is Fatemeh Azimi. I knew Fatemeh as a creative girl ‎who knows how to make awesome crafts. That was why I asked her to ‎write posts on DIYs in the first place. But soon I found out that she also ‎has a vast knowledge about pottery, woodcarving and carpet weaving ‎and can therefore cover a wide range of our favorite topics.‎


Maryam Moghadas
I knew Maryam Moghaddas, our other blogger from years ago. I was ‎already aware of her proficiency in English, French and Turkish. Given ‎the quality of her writing and translation along with an interest in ‎craftiness, she seemed an ideal choice for translating our posts and ‎content production of social networks. With Fatemeh and Maryam ‎joining Rizo, the core of content production team was now complete.‎


What’s the Schedule?‎

Every Sunday, we publish a new post. You will also see one or two ‎additional posts every month, which you can be notified for if you ‎follow our facebook page. The topics will involve home décor, fashion ‎and modern lifestyle, along with Persian arts and crafts and ‎introducing Iranian artists and craftsmen. We will also dedicate one or ‎two weeks each month to creative DIYs.‎

What’s Our Goal?‎

Last week, I traveled to Neyshabur for a business trip. I got to know a ‎carpet weaver and seller with lovely rugs and kilims. He knew so much ‎about each rug, its weaving techniques, and the story behind it. Among ‎many stories he told me that day, the strangest one was the story of an ‎exquisite kilim with 480 thousand knots in each square meters. Not one ‎of its colors was industrial; each and every color was extracted from a ‎mountain plant. The old woman who had woven this kilim 20 years ‎ago, hadn’t use any pattern; it was all in her mind. For 15 months that it ‎took her to finish the rug, she imagined the pattern day and night, ‎never drawing it on paper. With the old woman passing away, there is ‎no one else today who can weave a similar carpet, and with the ‎industrialization going on, it is unlikely that anyone will ever spend 15 ‎months to weave a rug.‎
This blog will be written for a modern world, but introducing these ‎cultures, traditions, arts, and bringing them to the modern life, this is ‎what we will not miss!‎

How to Be In Touch?‎

If you have any particular suggestion, are interested in temporal or ‎permanent cooperation with our team, or would like to get in touch for ‎any other reason, please visit the contact us page.‎