How to Hack DIY Woodworking Handicrafts Like a Pro

When it comes to woodworking, most people shy away. They think it requires a little muscle. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t. All you need to know is how to hold the tools and when to use them. DIY projects involving woodworking can be the best ideas, especially in your home. Let me share with you my all time favorite tips and tricks for DIY woodworking handicrafts.

Understand the Different Types of Wood

If using hardwood, a DIY project is not something you wish to venture unless you have a certificate in masonry. However, you can easily hack DIY projects with soft wood. The secret is to cut along the grain. The best wood to use for DIYs is plywood. It comes with a finished look, and the boards are easy to cut through and assemble.

Create Excellent Finishes

The beauty of wood is that you can choose to leave it as it is or polish up with paint or varnish. For the paint option, remember to use oil based paints. They give the best results. If you decide to leave the wooden appearance as it is, don’t forget to make the edges smoother. Because of this, a sander is always good to have no matter what project you’re doing.
Another way to create excellent finishes is by using wallpapers. For best results, use non-woven wallpapers. You stick them on the wood using glue. Then follow the bond using a smooth ruler. This helps you to avoid air bubbles as your wallpaper adheres.


Play Around With Patterns

You might think there is not much to do with wood, but you’ll be surprised at how many unique designs you can play with. Pyrography is the official name for wood art. All you require is a solid-point burner which in this case is called a pyrography pen. Think of it as a wood soldering iron.
The tool uses heat to embed the words or artistic images on your piece of wood. The results will amaze you. An important tip to note while using a pyrography pen is that the longer you let the pen remain in contact with your piece of wood, the darker the resulting image will be. In case you think that would be too expensive for a simple DIY project, well, you are wrong. You can easily find inexpensive pyrography pens.

Invest In A Little Technology

Did you know you can create amazing 3D designs by the use of software? According to the Wood Designers, computers have rapidly started to replace hand tools. Start by installing the software and play around with the tools. You’ll get a full report on the final look, dimensions, and angles required. Consequently, you get an easier and precise plan to work with.



Global warming has become a real threat in the recent times. You can make a change by reducing your carbon footprint. And recycling bits and pieces of timber around your home is an excellent place to start. For this, you need to buy a bottle of conta-glue and a roll of good quality wood lipping. These will create seamless joints for your pieces of wood. And it’s also easier to work with smaller pieces than it is to cut a big chunk of wood.

The Bottom Line

Once you master the above hacks, wood projects will be a walk in the park for you. And the best part is that there are many diverse uses of wood. Remember for any DIY project; simplicity is key. If you don’t like the look, you can always transform wood into something fancier.


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