How to Prepare a Haft Seen Table for This Year’s Nowruz

Hey, everyone! Spring is on its way, and if you are interested in Persian culture or Iranian arts and crafts (which you probably are, because well, look what blog you’re readin’), then you’re surely aware that Nowruz –the celebration of Iranian New Year– is getting closer every day. It’s that time of the year when every Iranian starts designing their Haft Seen table in their mind and growing their lentil sprouts in their house. If you are a foreigner to Iran yet all that talk of Haft-Seen among your Iranian friends has made you curious about New Year celebration in Iran, then rest assured; because you are in a good place. I am gonna tell you all there is to know about the Persian new year, the Haft-Seen table, and also every meaning and symbol behind each element of Haft-Seen!

Sofre Haft seen

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