Make a Traditional Pot by Using a Glass Bottle

Iranians since ancient times, have cared about their health and nutrition. That is why they used to design their food plates. It can be understood from the motifs on traditional containers. It’s also seen that they sometimes portrayed the stories of wars and victories on their plates. There are numerous figurative patterns on old dishes that was simply designed. These days motifs of old containers are reminiscent of civilization of nation used them, and for some of us these patterns are symbol of our predecessor’s dignified life or moral values. Maybe that is why having them gives us a good feeling. In this post we want to show you how to make a pot by using a glass bottle and paste. you can use any pattern you like to design your pot. . photo_2017-05-24_13-11-16 Items needed Paint Brush Thinner glass bottle paste Painting palette after you prepare all you need its time to choose a pattern. you can select traditional pattern that was used in ancient times. the design that bring a rustic nostalgia to your decor.  let me show you some Iranian patterns that are from 17th and 18th century. First  picture is design of potteries belonging to the seventeenth century and second Picture is images of tiles belonging to the eighteenth century. . photo_2017-05-24_13-11-24 First of all draw your pattern on glass bottle by using paste. If it’s not easy for you to draw with paste on bottle first draw it with pen or try it on another glass and when you are sure that you can do it, try it on the glass bottle. Then wait until the paste becomes completely dry. . photo_2017-05-24_13-11-21 Now you can pain it according to your taste. . after the paints become dry your bots will be ready. Enjoy your Iranian patterns. . photo_2017-05-24_13-11-14

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