DIY Wall Hanging: Bring Colorful Windows Back to Life!

Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque
A view of Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque at Shiraz, Iran.
  These colorful windows have something mysterious to them. They make you want to believe in all the good in the world, and to happily sing Imagine along with John Lennon. Like cathedrals, Traditional Islamic architecture used to be full of these peaceful rainbow windows. It was not just about mosques. If you visit some old houses in Iran from Qajar and Abbasi era, you’ll see they’ve used this architecture, too. It’s a shame people can’t live in those anymore! I just adore them! I always thought if we all could eat, laugh and live with colors showering on our faces, life would finally have some harmony and peace. :) As I told you, I always loved to live in a house with stained glass windows. So one day I figured, well, why not!? If I can’t have colorful windows, at least I can have a colorful wall hanging! I’m so excited to show you the result! (I just don’t want to spoil that exciting feeling of “wow, I wonder what that is gonna become”. But I guess you can just scroll down and find out. But come on. Really, don’t you wanna feel curious just for a couple of minutes?)

DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial

Inspired By Islamic Stained Glass Art

0 colors palette pattern - DIY wall hanging What You’ll Need:
  • Islamic window pattern (download the printable HERE)
  • Ceramic tile (preferably white)
  • Glass paint or acrylic colors (here I used blue, orange, deep yellow, pale yellow, pale green)
  • A brush
  • Glass liner
  • Thinner
  • Palette
  • Picture hanger
  • Glue (grab the strongest glue you find in store!)
  • A pencil
  Ookay, here we go! First things first. Before getting all messy with colors, grab your pencil and draw the pattern on the tile. This way, it gets much simpler to work on (and less messy!). You can also print our design here and transfer it to the tile simply by using a carbon paper. 1 drawing the pattern - diy wall hanging Now it’s time to cover the pencil marks with glass liner. Remember not to push the tube too hard. work fast and steady. It’s better if you practice a bit on a paper first. When you feel confident with the liner, get back to your DIY wall hanging and cover all the lines. When you’re done, let it completely –COMPLETELY- dry. 2 covering the lines Now this is the fun part! Bring your palette, put your colors in. Glass paint can be quite thick. If you don’t like it, mix some thinner with the color until you’re satisfied with it. You can also make pale colors this way. It’s time to call the artist in you! Color all the parts according to the pattern. 3 coloring And wait for your fabulous DIY wall hanging to dry! 4 drying 5 finishined diy wall hanging Just one thing left to do, glue the hanger to the back of your tile. This is why we have to use a strong glue. As we can’t drill the tile (we might be able to, but I just don’t want to – “drill” is such a tiring word to me) we have to use another trick. So…Make sure you glue it to the upper middle. And make sure it won’t come off. 6 hanging on the wall Ta-dah! Your gorgeous colorful hanging is ready! Hang it on the wall and enjoy the happiness it brings to your room! 7 final diy wall hanging


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