DIY Valentine’s Gift: Last-Minute Chocolate Jar

Hey there! It's Valentine's Day again, and most of us have got our presents ready and wrapped! But if you've end up here one day before Valentine's Day, then you probably couldn't find the time to go get something, or maybe you still have no idea what to get, and now you're just looking hopelessly for an easy last minute gift with the last-minute characteristic not being that obvious. Well, I am here to rescue you from the deep dungeons of despair!

Relax now. Who says gifts have to be so pricey every single year!? In fact, nothing beats a gift uniquely built in your own hands, with your own time, effort, and love. And in this DIY's case, you'll be recycling too! You will give a useless jar a new life! So, remind yourself of these wise words from Eminem, and create something of your own this time!

"Why be a king, when I can be god?"

Come along with me, and let me teach you how to be a god.

Last Minute Valentines Gift - DIY Chocolate Jar

What You'll Need

  • A cute scrap of fabric
  • A jar
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (it's easier this way, but it's OK if you have any other glue at hand. Just make sure it's strong enough to keep the fabric in place)
  • Fiber filler, cotton balls, or any other kind of pillow filler
  • Lace
  • Felt or fabric heart
  • Chocolates
DIY Valentine Gift Supply

Instructions for DIY Valentine's Gift

We'll be starting by cutting the fabric in the form of a circle. To know how big it should be, we are gonna use the jar's lid. Put the fabric on a flat surface with its wrong side facing you. Open the lid and put it in the center of the fabric. With a pencil, draw a circle with a diameter 4cm bigger than the lid (two cm from each side). I liked my fabric to hang down longer than the lace, but if you prefer to hide the raw edges, then you should draw an smaller circle. 1 or 1.5 cm maybe?

Jar Lid

It's not necessary to have a perfect circle, but if you too are a member of the "perfectionists who sucks at drawing" club, then go wander in the kitchen, find a bowl, plate, bucket or anything else with your desired size. Simply draw around it.

Cut the circle according to the pencil line.

Scissors and Fabric

To make the lid look nice and fat, we are gonna fill the space between the lid and the fabric. With the wrong side of the fabric still facing towards you, Put some filler on the circle.

4 Cotton and Fabric

And add the lid.

5 Cotton and Fabric and Lid, DIY Supplies

Glue the fabric all around the edge of the lid. Careful now, as the filler will want to stick out and you might accidentally glue some of it with the fabric! Then you'll just have a sticky piece of cloth with a bunch of filler hanging from it, and that's so not how a valentine's day gift should look!

6 Glue Gun

So to make things easier, go slow and glue one part at a time. Every time you glue a part, gently push the filler in from the side.

While you're gluing, shape the wrinkled parts as needed to make it look like one of those jam jars that the red riding hood was taking to her grandma!

7 DIY Chocolate Jar Supplies

Before gluing the last bit, see if you have enough filler inside and that the lid looks fat and nicely plump. Add some more filler if it isn't. Finish the gluing process whenever you're satisfied with how the lid looks.

If any part of the fabric looks ugly or crooked, cut them now with your scissors. Do not cut too much, You'll regret it later!

DIY Chocolate Jar Supplies 2

At this point, your lid should look something like this:

Lid Glued to Fabric

Now you can add your heart.

Mine came with a string. If yours doesn't, don't worry. you can sew one yourself.

Glue a tiny bundle of string to the edge. Don't worry about the look, it's gonna be covered and all the ugliness will hide away! But don't make a big bundle, 'cause it might create a lump on the ribbon and that one cannot be hidden at all!

Heart and Fabric (DIY Instruction 11)

Now cover all around the lid by gluing the lace around it.

12 Heart and Fabric 3

Cut the excess part.

13 DIY Valentines Last Minute

And finish by gluing the last bit.

Glue DIY Instruction

Fill your little cute jar with chocolates, and… That's it! Not bad for a last-minute gift, huh?

15 Heart Chocolate Jar DIY Valentines Gift Chocolate Jar

I hope your loved one likes the idea! If you're still worried, I have some extra tips to personalize your jar even more! And there are some more tips for anyone whose guy isn't that lovey-dovey!

Last-minute Valentines Gift Tips

If your guy can't tolerate all that corniness of red hearts and chocolates of valentine:

  1. Fill the jar with tiny race cars instead of chocolates.
  2. Or tiny airplanes!
  3. Add some funny memories of you two with the chocolates, written on tiny scraps of paper.
  4. Put a flash memory filled with eBooks, movies, pictures, voices, games, etc.
  5. Replace the lovey-dovey fabric with one with cars or superheroes on it. They sell that kind of fabric too. Or use a simple blue, dark blue, or black fabric. Anything that lets him keep feeling masculine!

More ways to decorate your jar:

  1. Draw and paint some tiny hearts on the jar
  2. Glue the raw edges of scrap that are hanging down to the inside of the lid. Then glue a cardboard cut as circle to cover the edges.
  3. Punch some red or pink paper. Then glue the little dots you just made to the jar and create polka dots.
  4. Instead of lace, use ribbons, or a strip of paper with a sweet writing on it.
  5. If you're worried that chocolates aren't enough, go buy a shirt or dress (it doesn't take that much time) and add the chocolate jar along. This way, you give a romantic gift without putting too much effort.
  6. Replace chocolates with m&ms, candies or even better, with homemade cookies.
  7. Make your own chocolate wrapping. You can write a note in the inside too!
  8. Make a teeny tiny origami book (instructions here), write some love notes or memories inside, and replace the heart with it. Or keep the heart and put the book inside the jar.

Have a chocolaty valentine!


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Gregor Burchard
Gregor Burchard
6 years 3 months ago

Hey guys, Its awesome DIY! Thank you.
It would be great, if you upload a video for this DIY.