Christmas gift giving and surprising ideas

Hey There! It’s that time of the year, and I’ve started my annual digging for the creative minds of the people in web. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas here in Iran, every year I am amazed about how many creative and genius ideas come to existence in this last month! People just go nuts around the web, everyone seems so jolly and happy, and every Instagram account is posting Christmas trees and presents. It’s so magical! And I love to people-watch, even if I only get to see the magic that goes on in internet. So, I’ve gathered some lovely ideas about things to do Christmas, mostly about gifts and how to give gifts and how to surprise while giving the gifts (In one word, gifts)! I wanna share them with you guys, and I will also include some of my own ideas that came to my mind while searching the web!
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Christmas gift ideas

We’re gonna start with some present ideas!
  1. This Owl eyeglass holder! Christmas gift - Owl eyeglass holder
  2. This Food Dice for the cooking mom/dad! Christmas gifts - food dice
  3. This multi tools utility iPhone case! Can someone buy this for me? I swear I’ll find some screws just to put it to use! Christmas present - multi tools iphone case
  4. Have you seen all those genius ideas around Instagram? They actually exist! See where to buy them here. Christmas creative gift for kitchen
  5. The guy/lady here has an old but gold idea. Write your son’s name in the front of the Spiderman sweater he wanted so much, So that he gets to be the superman when he wears it!
  6. This perfect guy (I mean, literally perfect! everyone should have someone like him who does something like this!) has not only arranged a trip to Europe, but he’s made a travel pack with pictures of everywhere they’re gonna see, maps of the road they’re gonna take, his exciting plans of anything they’re gonna do, pre-trip movies to see, their hopes, their dreams, everything! By the end of the album, they can’t wait to get their trip started! Travel Pack for Christmas Present
  7. If your loved one is in love with dance, prepare a flash mob for her! Imagine going out together for a simple dinner, and then, a bunch of guys and girls come in and start dancing her favorite routine from Step Up! Maybe you guys join in if you know the routine? If that lucky girl was me, I would be THRILLED! Read more about the flash mob here.Prepare a Flash mob
  8. If you feel bad about buying luxurious presents when there are thousands of people around the world with not even a Christmas cookie, Reach out and help to India from here, and in return you can get personalized gift card to give to your loved ones. I’d include a small present too, but well, you know your guy better! Christmas gift card (India donation)
  9. Did you ever write a letter to Santa when you were a kid? Asking for something you really, really wanted, promising you’ll be good? If you or your mom still have that, I was thinking maybe you could wrap it or a copy of it beside your present to your kid. Kids love to know about their parents’ childhood! And when he/she opens it, you’ll probably get to tell a story, about whether you got what you wanted or not, how did it feel to finally have it, and what happened to it over the years? It might be still in your attic, and you can show it to your child. I guarantee you, he will never look at it the same way again!

Christmas Surprise Ideas

This part is kid-special. Let’s say we got our presents ready. To make the excitement last longer, you could make a scavenger hunt, or maybe one of the ideas below:
  1. If you’ve prepared a Disney trip, don’t just tell them and get over with! A trip to Disneyland is one of the best gifts a child can ever get and you can make that moment last him/her a lifetime! If you want to know how to surprise your kid with a Disney trip, see the forum. My personal favorite is the one where kids go out to take the trash and follow some Disney-themed signs and when they finally figure it out, they’re told that they’re gonna leave for Disney THAT SAME NIGHT! Christmas Surprise Ideas - Disneyland
  2. Disney also usually offers a way for Mickey (or some other character – you choose) to call your house on Christmas morning, or at night. She will congratulate your kid with an already taped message. But it best be done with smaller kids, as the bigger ones will figure out that it’s taped and won’t enjoy it at all! See how here.
  3. Don’t just put the presents under the tree! Hide them. With a water-proof spray (the ones used for shoes), you can write a message on asphalt that can only be read when the asphalt is wet. Write a secret message saying where the presents are, and when the Christmas morning is over and they’re not expecting it, ask the kids to wash the yard!
  4. If it snows on Christmas Eve, bury the presents in the snow. Just remember to pack each in a secure plastic bag so that they don’t get all wet. Tell the kids they have to do a snowball fight until they find the presents!
  5. This is a photo scavenger hunt, and you’re supposed to take pics of things you are thankful for (aka a few of your favorite things). But you could put the Christmas present as the big prize. Or maybe, give a list of the things that the present is made of (e.g. tire, wheel, windows, and batteries for a remote control car). And then they have to guess the present!Scavenger Hunt
  6. This treasure hunt for nerds is more than awesome! Not only it has neat graphical clue pics you could print, but it is challenging enough, not a bit like all those lame so-obvious scavenger hunts! And guess what, the big ones and the kids can all do it! Scavenger Hunt for Geeks

Games for Christmas

  1. This is a Christmas-special scavenger hunt, but it happens over the web! This link actually contains some fun questions that kids could search in the web for. But if your child doesn’t have the scientist genes or you guess he might take this as another school assignment, then you could do some inventive things! Mix the questions with their hobbies! For example, if your son is into movies, then you could tell him he should find five movies with a Christmas scene in them! He could find a picture of that scene or tell the story of that specific scene! You can also do this with books, music, etc. For smaller kids, you could make two researcher/scientist costume with beards and everything, and find the answers together while having fun with your costumes on!
    Kid Costume - Ghostbusters
    Ghostbusters Costume for Kids - Image from Geek Tyrant
  2. This pdf file contains a very daring Christmas video scavenger hunt! Beware, only daredevils allowed!
  3. This link here has some good ideas, but my favorite was the “Wild and Crazy Christmas Hunt” section. Here is a funny idea: “You could also “plant” crazy items such as a Rudolph wearing Santa boots, a giraffe in the nativity scene, or a half-eaten candy cane.”
  4. The Worstest Mommy has found an outrageous truth and Dare game for teens! It’s not really Christmassy, but hey! What better things you’ve got to do on holidays than making strangers sing songs with you?
Bonus. Since you’ve been such a good mom/dad and read through this all, I have a bonus for ya! You know how every year the whole family bombards you with all those questions about your life? Aren’t those the most horrible, questions one could ever ask? Some things are just private, people! But hey, here is a guide to nicely answer the questions without well, actually answering them!


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Ms. Olga Talanova
Ms. Olga Talanova
6 years 4 months ago

I am Olga from Italy.
It is amazing to see non-christian care this much about our beloved day of year.
Please write more about our country and yours too