Tutorial: DIY Paisley Pendant ‎with Clay

Paisley patterns rock! Back in 18th century when neither you nor me were alive (except maybe if you’re the overly passionate-craft maniac grand grandma who broke the Guinness record by being 150), these cute designs ruled the fashion world. They’re originated from Iran and India – found their way to the west world back when India got important for Britain. These lovely droplet shapes are called all sorts of stuff over the time! Teardrops, Persian “Pickles”, Welsh “pears” (Seriously, I need to check what pears look like in England). Nowadays, they’re back in the game in fashion shows and stores. (Yesss!) I even saw some cute swimsuits with these printed on. Adorable!

Anyway, I figured as we all love Paisley so much, why not make some jewelry out of it? So, I played with clay a little, tried this and that, And this is what happened:

DIY Paisley Pendant

As this is fairly easy, you’ll see, and fun! Here is how it goes:

DIY Paisley Pendant Out of Clay

What you’ll need
Craft Supplies
  • Fima or Fimo Clay (I used turquoise and brown)
  • Your favorite Paisley design (which you could either draw or print)
  • Scissors
  • A jump ring
  • A needle
  • Leather or suede strap (use as much length as fits you – I like mine long)


I chose a rather simple design first because well, simple rocks! And second, ‘cause I can work it on clay without much difficulty. But If you are experienced with Fimo, You can make more twisted shapes – I bet they will turn out awesome too! So, back to our Paisley pendant:

Start by cutting your design off the paper.

DIY Paisley Pendant

Grab a piece of clay in your base color (mine was brown) and flatten it. Put the paisley design paper on clay and cut around it with a needle.

DIY Paisley Pendant

Get the paper off and smooth the edges of the clay droplet. This is what you should have so far:

DIY Paisley Pendant

Now get back the paper design and this time, cut the inner paisley. Repeat the last step this time with your second color (turquoise here):

DIY Paisley Pendant

Stick the smaller paisley on the bigger one. No need to glue, a little water would do the trick!

DIY Paisley Pendant

Grab your first color (brown) again and make some really, really tiny balls out of it. Stick them to the turquoise paisley –again with water – to form two little flowers. This image shows only one of the two:

DIY Paisley Pendant

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to make a hole on top of your DIY pendant! If you don’t, you wont be able to add the jump ring later as all your hard work might go to waste if you try to make a hole on hardened clay!

If you use Fimo, bake the pendant in microwave or oven with instructed temperature. If it is Fima, simply put it in some corner and let it air-dry!

When it finally dries/bakes completely, add the jump ring. You can now pass the strap through the jump ring.

DIY Paisley Pendant

Voila! You got yourself a cute DIY Paisley pendant! Wasn’t that hard, was it? Now it’s time for the part with the most fun: mix and match with shirts and dresses!

I hope you like yours as much as I like mine! Comment me your pictures and let me see what you’ve achieved!

Have fun!


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6 years 5 months ago

It was amazing. I wish I could make one of those beautiful pendants…
Thank you guys